6 Methods Of Preserving Meat

6 Methods Of Preserving Meat

Historically, humans have used a variety of techniques to preserve meat. Some of the older methods include curing, drying, and cooking. All these techniques prevent the growth of microorganisms and bacteria while preserving the meat’s taste, texture, and color. Modern methods are also less time-consuming and easier to store. These methods include the use of chemical agents such as nitrate and nitrite. These agents kill bacteria and add color and flavor to the meat. View it now for meat farms near me.

Drying meat:

The oldest method of meat preservation is drying. Drying is used in conjunction with curing. In the earliest days of curing, people hung meat in the sun to dry it. However, this method has been largely replaced by more modern preservation methods.

Mechanical drying:

Another old method of meat preservation is mechanical drying. This method requires a generator to drop the meat’s temperature from -30 deg to -50 deg F. This process increases the concentration of water-soluble nutrients in the meat. The meat also gets a chewy texture. This method is less tasty than other methods, though.


The third method of meat preservation is curing. Traditionally, curing was associated with hams and bacon. Today, curing is used for a variety of meats. Cured meat is a lot more flavorful than uncured meat. It is also less hospitable to bacteria and yeast. Cured meats are usually beef or pork.


Another method of meat preservation is bringing. This process involves coating the meat with a layer of salt. The salt helps keep the meat tender. The meat is then stored in airtight containers. It will last a month or two before the salt begins to wear off.


Another traditional method is larding. This process is similar to curing. Instead of salt, however, larding uses lard fat to protect the meat. The fat will help keep bacteria from growing on the meat and prevent it from getting rancid. The meat will also stay moist after curing. This method is great for storing meat for a long time.

Freeze-drying process:

A more modern form of meat preservation is the freeze-drying process. This method is used to preserve meat without refrigeration. It also produces a nutritious and reconstructive quality of meat. This process is usually combined with smoking. These methods can also preserve poultry that lasts three to twelve months without refrigeration.